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April 2017


A top-tier growth equity fund transforming family companies into institutions

TCV is a new Egyptian investment firm managing the TCV1 Fund. TCV identifies high-potential investment targets and provides them with the financing and operational support needed to facilitate growth. In every company in which it invests, TVC seeks to strengthen management, enhance productivity, and promote strong, ethical corporate governance.


Through our initial $10 million investment, TCV has been able to deploy capital to growing companies and promote employment opportunities in Egypt. TCV has invested in five companies to date in sectors that include mortgage finance, water sustainability, transportation and consumer goods. In addition to building TCV’s capacity to identify and grow SMEs in need of private capital, we have been working with TCV to attract local sources of capital. Local investors have partnered with TCV on launching their first fund, TCV1, and continue to work on attracting additional capital for possible future investment vehicles. We recently allocated an additional $30 million to TCV. Like LCP, we intend to help TCV grow into one of Egypt’s top PE firms.

The TCV TeamThe TCV Team