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July 2015


Algebra Ventures is composed of a team of experienced investors that provides Series A and Series B funding, technical support and mobilization of private capital to technology startups.

Founded by a team with more than 65 years of combined experience in VC, investing, technology, and management, Algebra Ventures is making smart investments in Egypt’s future. The company is committed to exploring and investing in a diverse array of companies and sectors. Algebra Ventures also provides technical support and training to help companies navigate challenging operating environments and accelerate growth.


Through our $10 million investment, we helped Algebra Ventures close its first $40 million fund. We continue to support the fund’s growth by maintaining an active seat on the advisory board, strengthening its governance practices and referring investment opportunities. Algebra Ventures has invested in 16 start-ups in sectors that include e-commerce, consumer goods, fintech, and transportation. Several of these start-ups are also increasing opportunities for women and other traditionally underserved groups.

Algebra Ventures TeamAlgebra Ventures Team