10 Year Impact Report

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I write to share with you the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund’s (EAEF) 10 Year Impact Report.

Since Congress established EAEF in 2011, we have played a critical role rebuilding Egypt’s private sector after the revolution. This includes seeding what are now the top private equity and venture capital firms in the Middle East, expanding access to financial services for 49 million Egyptians and supporting 40,000 jobs. To date, EAEF and its partners have catalyzed over $1 billion in foreign investment.

Our impact and beneficiary testimonials speak to the outsized role we have had empowering entrepreneurs and expanding access to vital goods and services. This people to people, economic assistance is more important than ever as Egypt finds itself in a worsening economic crisis.

We look forward to continuing to support the Egyptian people, to growing the local private sector and to strengthening the relationship between the US and the Arab world’s most populous country.


James A. Harmon
Chairman, EAEF

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