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The Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund will identify and address gaps in financing markets for entrepreneurs and small businesses and demonstrate to investors the potential for profit by creating opportunity for the private sector to flourish. In addition to investing capital profitably – which can have important demonstration effects – the Fund will promote and disseminate international commercial best practices in Egypt. This is a model that was pioneered in Eastern and Central Europe in 1990s with considerable success.

The United States efforts to promote a stronger business climate for SMEs in Egypt are best achieved in cooperation with strong partners.  Just as prior Enterprise Funds successfully created parallel private investment funds to co-invest in investment opportunities, the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund will create similar funds to attract sovereign and private investment.  Sovereign governments can play a critical role in facilitating co-investment by offering to match U.S. Government funds and by making introductions to local private investment pools that may also be interested in co-investment opportunities.



The Enterprise Funds are one of the very few development programs to achieve sustainable economic development impacts while leveraging additional investment resources, generating significant program income to endow long-term host country Legacy Foundations, and ultimately returning a significant portion of their original grant funds to the U.S. Treasury.

The following is a summary of the substantial economic and development impacts provided by the Funds as of September 30, 2012:



  • EAEF is a private independent legal entity. Investment decisions are made at the discretion of the board. All members of the board of the EAEF are experienced private sector professionals from the US and Egypt.
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